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Can your Macola software do this?

• Pinpoint shortages before they impact shipments
• Analyze & optimize inventory levels
• Achieve a smoother supply chain
• Track sales and budget vs actual
• Track purchase orders
• Monitor and analyze production order costs
• Analyze and improve timeliness of customer shipments
• Create purchase orders automatically
• Analyze accounting activity

With the PULSE Dashboard & Reporting Software, it can!

PULSE Dashboard & Reporting Software adds powerful new capabilities to your Macola® software, starting with real-time dashboards specifically pre-designed for each department.

Every team member and manager will have exactly the right information at their fingertips to make faster and better decisions. Dozens of standard reports are pre-configured, and it's easy to customize the reports or create a new report in seconds - without requiring valuable time from your IT staff or consultant.


There is a PULSE module for each department:

     - Executive
     - Customer Service
     - Financial Control
     - Sales & Marketing
     - Inventory Control
     - Purchasing
     - Production
     - Material Requirements Planning
     - Designer (for your IT staff/consultant to create custom reports)

PULSE Dashboard & Reporting Software digs deep into your Macola® database to pinpoint opportunities to reduce backlogs, optimize inventory, ship on-time, reduce costs and increase your profits.


No longer do you need to search your desk for yesterday's reports.  PULSE Dashboard puts all of your critical reports on your screen, real-time, company-wide, all the time.  Reports and graphs are delivered ready-made, but can easily be customized by end-users with no programming or database knowledge needed.


Free your IT personnel from having to constantly develop and refine and refine custom reports.  Best of all, you can purchase PULSE in the morning and be using it with YOUR data in the afternoon (that's right - the same day). For as low as $395 per month.

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