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Why Choose Us?

Our Staff!

Teresa T. Peterson

Teresa Peterson is the founder and owner of Red Deer systems. As chief executive, her priority is client satisfaction. She mobilizes the company's comprehensive resources to ensure the successful implementation of Exact software products within her clients' unique business environments. Teresa's business experience includes some 30 years in accounting management and information systems. Prior to founding red Deer Systems, Teresa worked in the construction industry, where she earned her B-1 contractor's license, including sales, implementation, and training. In her spare time Teresa is an avid seamstress. She also enjoys cooking, gardening, and traveling.

Andrew Feenstra

Andrew Feenstra, Senior Consultant and Vice President, is the technical support arm of Red Deer Systems. Conversant in SQL, SQL scripting, SOAP, EEM, SSRS, VBA, VB .Net, Cobol, Crystal and supporting products, he brings over 35 years of IT experience to the table. Recently, Andy has teamed up with Wisys, and used their objects to extend the functionality of Macola via VB .Net using standard Wisys API calls, as well as extending Macola via Exact’s Navigator product offering. 


During off hours, Andy enjoys classic car restoration.

Steve Eisler

Steve Eisler has been assisting Red Deer’s customers for 12 years. He works with Andy to create new Crystal reports and modify Macola’s existing reports. He also has taken the lead in the installation and creation of customized events for VineyardSoft Event Manager as well as Exact Business Analytics. He has created Event Manager Events that interface with eSynergy, Event Manager reports that are displayed in a web based dashboard, and events that monitor and respond to incoming email messages. He also has extensive experience with Word, Access, Excel and the eSynergy and Macola addins that interface with these programs. He has used several HTML editing tools to create content for Event Manager email messages, webpages, and websites. Steve and his wife Kathy have been married for 43 years, have a son who is an attorney in San Diego, and drive a ’11 Porsche Boxster Spyder.

Karen Williams

Karen Williams was the founder and owner of Williams, Hansen and Associates, an Exact partner since 1990. Karen and her organization joined Red Deer Systems in 2011, merging her customers with Red Deer Systems. She is a graduate of Sacramento State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management of Information Systems and a concentration in Accounting and Business. Karen has assisted numerous companies in the selection of software, implementation, setting up policy and procedures, and has supported her customers for almost 30 years. Karen is certified in Progression and ES along with strong Crystal report writing skills. Her office, located in Auburn, California – outside of Sacramento - covers Red Deer’s Northern California and Oregon customers. Karen is also a veteran of the USAF and a very active member of the Auburn Daybreak Rotary Club since 1989.

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